Folk pie is the combination of the Greek traditional way of life and pure, fresh ingredients gathered from the rich Hellenic environment.

It was inspired to cover the daily nutritional needs of people that lived and worked in the harsh and altered countryside

Folk pie can be consumed as a snack during the day, as complement to the main meal or even as a main meal

This is achieved using a filling wrapped into a rolled and stretched filo puff pastry. The variation of ingredients used for this filling provides different flavors and types of pie (spinach, cheese, meat, etc).

The rolling…logo

…and stretching of the dough into a large, thin and single sheet, was achieved with a long rolling pin and requires skilled hands to accomplish.

Over the centuries with influences from Byzantium the Bougatsa pie came to be.


This took the explosion of taste one step further. A sweet rather than salty filling is wrapped into filo puff pastry and stretched in the air using bare hands as opposed to a rolling pin.

To this day the variety of unique flavors, as well as the nutritional benefits that both folk pie and Bougatsa Pie provide, are enough to satisfy and the most demanding audience and make a substantial contribution to a balanced daily diet.