Our Vision


Græsk Smag: Our Vision

Our Philosophy

We are an authentic Greek pastry shop, and we believe that Copenhagen is ready for the very best Greece has to offer. Our philosophy is simple; high quality and great taste.

Giving friendly Greek service comes naturally to us, and we are always happy to receive you. Great food, coffee and service can be expected when you arrive in our cosy, Greek self-styled shop. We want you to experience our products in an authentic way; both in taste, and in atmosphere.

We believe varying our pastries daily makes each visit different. We ask, listen and adapt to what our guests prefer, whilst also introducing new pastries to excite new tastes.

Greece’s Highest Quality Possible

Every morning we bake our handmade pastries, which we order from small, family-run businesses. Only the best pastry shops in Greece know of them, and so do we. We also offer tea and honey, both of which are among our ecological products.

Our delicious pastries are kept warm throughout the day to be eaten at your convenience. If you desire, we can compliment our bigger pastries with our homemade dips, or sweet pastries and cake to go with your coffee.

Naturally, all of our products meet Danish and European quality standards. However, we do not just meet the quality, we aspire for quality.

The cornerstone belief we intend to maintain is whole satisfaction. Every detail is accounted for in the realms of taste, quality and setting. So please, come in, relax, smile, and enjoy fine great taste. We will definitely have something you will love!